Alayna knew right away what I could see

Since I’ve been thinking about Uncle Brayden, I’ve naturally been thinking about Alayna. Alayna was Brayden’s girlfriend, sort of, I guess. They met just a little while before my mom died. Brayden was going home for the day, filling up his unmarked police cruiser with gas, when he heard shouting and scuffling down the street. He looked around and found a guy trying to mug some lady. He went over to help and found that “some lady” was not only doing a fair job of holding her own, but she was also quite beautiful.

She was strong, powerful, gorgeous and fighting for her life and her property with such passion that Uncle Brayden was instantly driven to help and also intrigued by the fact that, in the end, she may not have needed his help. Then, as fate would have it, Alayna met my mom, Paige. And in a short period of time, she was at our house. She was having dinner with us and Brayden happened to be having dinner with us too. And the rest, so to speak, is history.

I don’t know everything about them, but I know Uncle Brayden fell for her, hard. Alayna and I talked a little bit.   She knew, the moment she met me, everything that I knew. Keep in mind, I was just a kid. But she knew right away what I could see, what I could know about people. And she knew about my mom’s gift.

I think Alayna had a more powerful sense of foresight than any of us. I think she knew more than anyone. And I so wish she was here, so I could ask her questions. Maybe, just maybe, she’d have answers.


Benito BarcenasAlayna knew right away what I could see