Surely I’m not the only person with foresight

I’ve got to find a way to get more information. Surely I’m not the only person out there with this kind of foresight. I wish I could find a book or a website that could explain things to me. Even better, I wish I could find someone to talk to who had the same gift. They could tell me what to expect. Like how often these visions are going to come to me.

Is it going to start happening more often? Every day? If I get better at seeing things, am I just going to end up surrounded by it and drowning in it? And am I only responsible for Albuquerque? What happens if I get a vision of something happening in Texas or New York or France or South Africa? How could I possibly help everybody?

It feels so overwhelming. I tried to look some stuff up online but my dad saw that I’d been Googling things and he got really upset with me. Then I tried looking stuff up at the library at school but all the websites dealing with supernatural stuff come with a bunch of pop-ups and ads for kooky things. So the librarian kicked me off the computer.

Then I went to the public library and tried to find some actual books about paranormal gifts. A couple of kids from school wandered by on their way to the computer room and saw me holding a stack of books from that section. They started making fun of me for reading “that crap.” So I told them I was working in the library and that I was just re-shelving the books. Then I walked around to all the tables and picked up the books that were left out. I spent half an hour re-shelving them and then left as soon as I could.

I can’t seem to find anybody who’s not a freak or a creep to talk to about all of it. I have so many questions.


Benito BarcenasI’m not the only person with foresight