I must rise to the responsibility

Today feels great. Even though I haven’t talked to my dad yet, just having shared things with Tracy and with Noah feels so good. I haven’t told Zach yet either but I have a feeling he’ll take it pretty well. He’s a pretty cool kid. And he just kind of accepts things at face value. I feel a lot more at ease knowing that other people are beginning to understand me. And Noah made me feel better about not being able to save the whole world and just doing what I could when I could.

I’m much less afraid of it than I was. And I still have so many questions. But that’s ok. I don’t have to figure it all out, not yet. I feel almost like you feel on the first day after you learn how to ride a bike, or the first day after you get your driver’s license. There’s a new freedom, a new skill or ability, and a sense of a whole, broad new world that you never knew before.

There’s also a new respect and a little bit of new fear. You realize that you have something a little bit powerful and a little bit risky. And you have to rise to the responsibility to enjoy the freedom of it. That’s how this thing feels.


Benito BarcenasI must rise to the responsibility